Mur-Sol Real Estate, LLC is a privately held real estate development company with wholly owned projects as well as projects being developed as joint venture partnerships. Mur-Sol Real Estate has over 50 years of combined real estate investing and development experience. Our main focus is residential development ranging from planned unit development to multi-family complexes as well as custom built estate homes.

Mur-Sol Real Estate has a talented executive team with expertise in all phases and product types of real estate development. Mur-Sol professionals bring to each project a full spectrum of development capabilities including due diligence, market research, risk analysis, acquisitions, finance, marketing and property management. Mur-Sol’s expertise in due diligence and risk analysis results in profitable projects in a broad range of investments.

Mur-Sol Real Estate combines all aspects of in-house real estate development and marketing management necessary to efficiently execute on a wide variety of real estate opportunities. The model has enabled Mur-Sol to successfully complete projects of luxury multi-family homes as well as office and industrial product types. Mur-Sol Real Estate is positioned to continue its already strong track record within a very competitive real estate industry. Mur-Sol is dedicated to generating stable, steady returns for the company and partners.

Mur-Sol Real Estate’s reputation and commitment to provide quality homes is evident through the entire process; from the moment discussions begin with a land owner to purchase a property, through all dealings with local municipalities, and in the delivery of a home to a satisfied homeowner.

Mur-Sol Real Estate conducts its real estate development operations in Southern California with its main focus in the San Gabriel Valley.

Management Team

Jasen Grohs
Managing Partner

Jasen Grohs serves as Managing Partner of Mur-Sol Real Estate, LLC and is primarily responsible for its Southern California business in homebuilding and commercial operations. Other responsibilities include purchasing, design, community development, investor relations, JV partners, capital funds financing, acquisitions, mortgage, and staff. Mr. Grohs started in the construction industry in July 1989. Jasen is also licensed as a general contractor (702217).

Josh Grohs
Managing Partner

Josh Grohs serves as Managing Partner for Mur-Sol Real Estate, LLC and is primarily responsible for its Southern California custom homebuilding operations. He is active in the design, elements, purchasing, client relations, investor relations, capital funds financing, cost estimating, field operations and staff. Josh started in the construction industry in 1990.

The entire Mur-Sol Team is dedicated to continuing the level of quality, attention to detail, and workmanship that earned Mur-Sol its reputation as the builders with integrity where customer satisfaction is the number one goal.